Cell Shades

Cell shades offer the best of Form...Function... Beauty... and Versatility. Honeycombed cells shades offer all of these features, making them the ideal choice to decorate any size or shape window. Enticing colors and fabrics combine with a host of specialty systems to harmonize with any décor in the home. Honeycomb shades also offer protection to interior home furnishings from harmful ultraviolet rays.

We Offer:
  • semi sheer, translucent, and blackout fabrics
  • single and double cell construction
  • cell sizes: 3/8˝, 1/2˝, 9/16˝ and 3/4˝
  • solid colors and prints
  • multiple operating systems
  • specialty shapes
  • motorization

3/4" Single Cell Blackout

3/8" Double Cell Room Darkening

3/8" Single Cell Translucent

1/2" Single Cell Translucent

1/2" Double Cell Translucent

3/8" Double Cell Translucent

3/8" Single Cell Blackout

Applause Cordlock Livingroom 2

Architella Closed 2

Architella Ultraglide Livingroom

Duette Ultraglide Diningroom 1

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